Truck Driving Endorsements and What They Mean

In addition to earning your commercial driver’s license, you’ll need to achieve specific endorsements for certain jobs. Some endorsements require you to take a knowledge test, while others require knowledge and skills tests. Keep reading for a look at truck driving endorsements and what they mean.

When you enter the truck driving industry, you’ll realize that there are many different kinds of commercial jobs available. If you decide that you’d like to become a school bus driver, you will need to pass a knowledge test as well as a skills test first, in order to earn your S endorsement. Parents trust bus drivers with the lives of their children, so it’s important that only qualified individuals are hired for the job.

When commercial driving meets hazardous materials, you are going to need a certain endorsement. The H truck driving endorsement qualifies you to work with hazardous materials. If you want to earn this endorsement, you’ll have to take a knowledge test to prove you are ready and capable to handle potentially dangerous materials.

Driving a tank vehicle is not quite like driving a standard truck or passenger vehicle. Thus, you will need to pass a knowledge exam in order to add this endorsement to your commercial driver’s license. You’ll need to understand how handling a tank vehicle is different before you can get out on the road.

Sometimes commercial driving, hazardous materials, and tank vehicles all come together. The X endorsement, which requires a knowledge test, qualifies you to drive vehicles where this is the case.

If you’re striving for any of these endorsements, the first step is to earn your commercial driver’s license. The professionals at the Phoenix Truck Driving School in Ft. Bliss are happy to help you prepare for your career in the industry. Give us a call at (877) 206-8344 or visit our website to learn more.

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