Look at These Top Truck Stops in the USA

There’s much to see during your long routes across the USA, and there are some great truck stops to experience along the way. From South of the Border and its plentiful attractions to the massive Bucee’s locations in the South, you’ll have plenty to enjoy. Continue on and look at these top truck stops in the USA.

South of the Border
There are plenty of interesting truck stops and tourist attractions throughout the country, but none quite like South of the Border. A large statue of a man in a sombrero, named Pedro, will welcome you into the stop and likely be the first thing you see. South of the Border has everything you might need to fuel up and get back on the road, plus much, much more.

Iowa 80
If you’re a seasoned truck driver, there’s a good chance that you have at least heard of Iowa 80. This massive truck stop has been around for more than half of a century, and it still serves thousands of customers every day. At Iowa 80 you can find essentials like showers and restaurants as well as entertainment features like movie theaters.

Although there are 22 different Bucee’s locations throughout the United States, there’s one in Texas that stands out from the rest. The size of this Bucee’s is comparable to that of a football field, which is enough room for 60 gas pumps. The owner clearly subscribes to “the bigger, the better” philosophy, although even he admits that might have gone a little farther than necessary.

Once you’ve gotten your commercial driver’s license, you can break into the truck driving industry and visit these truck stops throughout your travels. Please feel free to call the Phoenix Truck Driving School in Ft. Bliss at (877) 206-8344 or head over to our website to find out what we can do for you today.

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