How Driving a Truck Differs from Everyday Driving

If you love to drive your car, you may have considered a career in the transportation industry as a truck driver. Though a passion for the open road can help you find success in your new job, it is important to recognize the ways in which truck driving differs from your everyday commute. To get a feel for the differences, read ahead.

A Long-Haul

There are regional and local trucking jobs, but many drivers will pursue long-distance trucking careers that take them across the nation. During these trips, you’ll find yourself behind the wheel for many hours at a time, and you will be driving for several days in a row. Therefore, it’s important to prepare for life on the road with healthy habits like avoiding smoking, eating right, and exercising daily.

Specialized Equipment

You cannot operate a commercial truck without a commercial driver’s license, or CDL. When you get your CDL, you will need to demonstrate that you can use common trucking equipment, which requires a unique skillset. You need to get used to driving a large, heavy vehicle, which can be tougher to maneuver in situations like parking, lane changes, and other regular driving scenarios.

Unique Rules of the Road

In addition to knowing how to operate your semi-truck, you will need to know the unique laws that apply to truckers on the road. While driving on the interstate, for example, you may have a lower speed limit to follow as well as restrictions for passing and changing lanes.

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